Galerie de Roussan – Gregory Cumins art exhibition


Today, the Galerie de Roussan hosted its much anticipated Gregory Cummings Art Exhibition. The entire space was packed with art aficionados and curious on-lookers, engulfed by the deep and contemplative work of the artist.

Gregory Cummings is known for his eclectic range of mediums, from charcoal drawings to oil-paintings, performance art to sculpture. For this exhibition, he chose to focus on sculpture and painting as a way to explore the subtle nuances of human expression through color. The result was a captivating and hauntingly beautiful display of emotions. Every piece seemed to display an individual story, or perhaps in totality, one single narrative that encompasses all of humanity.

The artist himself gave an overview of the pieces on display including an intricate 3D print sculpture that typifies a mixture of both fear and vulnerability. He recounted a series of intimate conversations with individuals whose stories were essential in melding the underlying theme of this show. The idea that all persons have some “invisible representation” expresses something all too often unseen in contemporary art – a reverence for humanity framed within artistic passion.

Overall, this exhibition was an exploration of human expression which was truly dynamic and unforgettable. Visitors left the gallery inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of Cumming’s work and aims for future projects. The Galerie de Roussan is certainly proud to have hosted Gregory Cummings and his highly anticipated exhibition in its entirety.

Montreal’s Galerie de Roussan recently celebrated the opening of renowned artist Gregory Cumins’ latest exhibition, “Matter Transmuted.” This collection of works showcases Cumins’ signature style, using a blend of organic material, sculptures and digital art.

The exhibit is structured around the idea of classical elements – air, earth, water and fire – as the source material for his art. Reconfigured and intertwined with one another, these elements are re-imagined into scenes of surreal beauty. The work features bright colors, intricate geometries, disorienting spaces and whimsical elemental overlays.

Cumins assembles his pieces by manipulating color and texture to reveal unexpected patterns in nature. Working with custom-made tools and materials such as pigments, oils, clay and silicone rubber, he is able to create an engaging dialogue between materials that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

The art in this exhibit is truly astonishing. Containing a series of complex forms that are designed to stir our emotions, visitors will experience shifting emotions as they explore the space. For those who want to further understand Cumins’ process and experience the vibrant colors up close, the gallery offers guided tours lead by a knowledgeable docent that are sure to be a highlight of any visit.

This exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in unique interpretations of nature and its elements. It is a rare opportunity to take part in a compelling artistic journey guided by someone with an ambitious vision. Don’t miss this amazing show at Galerie de Roussan – it won’t be around forever!