Galerie de Roussan – art exhibition by Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin


The Galerie de Roussan, in Paris’ historic 12th arrondissement, is currently showcasing a thought-provoking art exhibition by French artist Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin. Showcasing the artist’s unique vision of the world, the exhibition employs vivid colors and abstract shapes to express his spontaneous energy and provocative ideas. The artist has brought together some of his older works as well as new creations to delight galleries’ visitors.

The exhibition’s key pieces are ‘Pacific Hydrotherm’ and ‘Stargazers in Time’. Pacific Hydrotherm, a 140 x 98cm acrylic on canvas, reflects the artist’s current fascination with ocean life. Working with emerald blues, verdant greens and bright pink hues, Vermot Petit-Outhenin manages to capture the beauty and vastness of the ocean. The other painting, Stargazers in Time, combines elements from Spanish Baroque still lifes and traditional Scandinavian themes. Using a unique combination of earthy colors such as brick red and porcelain whites, he has created an intriguing atmosphere.

If you’re looking for an artistic adventure that will expand your horizons and broaden your imagination then this is not an exhibition to be missed. Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin’s bold vision is thought provoking in its own right but with the gallery’s sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere it made me long for more of the artist’s creations. The Galerie de Roussan can be found at 6 Rue Rousseau from Wednesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm. Admission is free so make sure you head down soon if you want to experience this extraordinary exhibition!

This past Tuesday was a big day for the arts in Montreal. Galerie de Roussan hosted an exhibition of new artwork by artist Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin. The show, which included a collection of predominantly abstract works, was an opportunity for viewers to explore Petit-Outhenin’s unique vision and technique.

The works on display ranged from vibrant oil paintings to delicate paper sculptures, representing a variety of styles and media. Each piece had a unique approach, with expressive strokes of paint and collage pieces created from found materials. Visitors had the opportunity to explore the depth of abstraction through close examination of the details, as well as ponder its captivating beauty through broader surveys of the larger organism formed by all of the elements within each work.

The atmosphere of Galerie de Roussan was warm and inviting, making the experience enjoyable even before one had the chance to admire the artworks. From kindly attendants inviting visitors to take their time viewing each piece, to friendly conversation with other guests happening throughout the room, an intimate relationship between artist and viewer was quickly established. By encouraging curiosity and giving passionate viewers an atmosphere that encouraged discussion, Petit-Outhenin successfully shared his creativity with admirers.

The exhibition was an inspiring reminder that true beauty lies in our ability to perceive and appreciate different perspectives. Nicolas Vermot Petit-Outhenin’s works at Galerie de Roussan will leave a lasting impression on all those who attended, inspiring joyful contemplation of the creative spirit and our own unique visions in life.