Galerie de Roussan – art exhibition by Lily Hibberd


On Saturday, April 26th, the renowned Galerie de Roussan hosted a spectacular art exhibition by renowned Melbourne-based artist Lily Hibberd. The exhibition showcased a stunning display of abstract paintings, sculptures, and photographs featuring elements of nature intertwined with man-made elements.

The pieces created by Lily in this exhibition were uniquely diverse and captivating. The paintings ranged from large abstract canvases to smaller freestanding pieces featuring varied colour palettes that breathed life into each art piece. The sculptures featured a balanced combination of smooth curved surfaces, sharp geometric angles and textured surfaces all blended with nature’s beauty. The photographs were instantly recognisable as creations of Lily Hibberd’s eye for the peculiar, capturing scenes where man-made structures and natural beauty appear together in perfect harmony.

In addition to its visual appeal, the exhibition also highlighted the importance of nature conservation, as many of the pieces were made of ethically harvested wood or recycled plastics. This was especially evident in the sculptural works that Lily crafted using part of old trees or other natural objects that had been scavenged from local forests or seashores.

Overall, this exhibition was a sight to behold. Accompanying the artistic works were insightful statements by the artist that shed further light onto her contributions to this collection of fine art pieces. It was an amazing experience and those who attended were certainly left inspired and enthralled.

New York art lovers rejoice! Local artist, Lily Hibberd is hosting an exhibition showcasing her latest works at Galerie de Roussan. Comprised of an array of paintings and mixed media artwork, the show will run from the 1st to the 17th of December.

This is the first major exhibition for Hibberd, who graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2020. Her work focuses on a variety of themes, but all revolve around her creative exploration of self-expression through art. In this exhibition, visitors will be presented with works that she created in response to turbulent times as well as those inspired by her personal experiences. Her unique approach to art has resulted in amazing visual representations that speaks to its audience.

Guests can expect to view stunning surrealism pieces featuring abstract shapes, bright colors and bold themes that cover a range of topics from the environment to self-exploration; from politics to urban culture. While these are all integral parts of Hibberd’s work, her ability to convey messages which echo thoughtfulness and compassion is what matters most.

This opportunity is not only a great way to discover more about innovative and expressive art but also provides a platform where guests feel welcome to share their personal reflections and connect with each other via this eye-opening experience.

The exhibition will take place at Galerie de Roussan and will be open for viewing from 1pm – 8pm daily. Be sure not to miss out on this one!