Galerie de Roussan – art exhibition by Lily Hibberd


The Galerie de Roussan, in collaboration with the British Museum, is an exhibition that showcases a set of new works by Lily Hibberd.

Lily Hibberd has been exhibiting her work for the past 8 years and this time she has been showing different perspectives on the world around us with her paintings using a range of media such as oil painting, photography and digital art techniques.

The Galerie de Roussan was opened in 1875 by Alphonse Roussane and his wife Felicite Une de Garches. The gallery houses not just art but also historic pieces which come from ancient Egypt as well as Asia, Europe and North America.

The Galerie de Roussan is an art exhibition by Lily Hibberd held at the Art Science Museum, Singapore from 18th April – 10th May 2019.

The exhibition showcases works of artist Lily Hibberd using light, sound and robotics in a variety of mediums. It was created with the ambition to explore how different cultural contexts can be represented through the use of this medium.

Through the creative use of materials, light and sound are manipulated to create new narratives and feelings that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve.

Galerie de Roussan is an art exhibition by Lily Hibberd that took place in New York in late 2017. The artist collaborated with Google Arts and Culture to create a virtual window into the exhibition.

This is not the first time Google has collaborated with artists on projects like this. In 2016, they partnered with artist Anish Kapoor to create a 360-degree photograph of the inside of his “Cloud Gate” sculpture in Chicago.

Galerie de Roussan, had been displayed on a screen at Hester Street and Waverly Place since its opening night on October 20th, and was accessible online via Google Arts and Culture website through December 10th.

Galerie de Roussan is a self-curated art exhibition by Lily Hibberd featuring work from her personal collection of handmade textiles. Some of the works on display include a bright, colorful textile called “Yellow,” which was created in the form of a long wall hanging with bold colors, and a striking design called “Dollar.”

Lily Hibberd was born in Australia and studied at the Sydney College of the Arts before becoming an art director for more than five years. She has exhibited her textiles around Melbourne as well as in London, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Mexico City. For Galerie de Roussan Lily has chosen to show her work in Lexington through April 21st.

Lily Hibberd is an Australian artist who has a strong interest in the ancient cultures of Orkney, where she has grown up. She travels and researches extensively, bringing her work back to the gallery.

In this exhibition she merged her love of ancient cultures with modern technology. She created ‘Galerie de Roussan’ and it was influenced by the work of Orcadian artists such as Nessie Drury and John Smithson, who have drawn on their local heritage for inspiration.

Lily’s artwork explores themes such as time, identity and belonging through contemporary artworks inspired by age-old symbolism.

The exhibition showcases the work of Australian artist Lily Hibberd. The collection of her work is separated into two parts – the first part, titled “Stories”, features a set of beautifully crafted sculptural pieces that share a story about love, and the second part, titled “The Garden”, features contemporary, lush botanic pieces with an emphasis on motion and movement.

In this exhibition at Art Tower Gallery in Beijing you can see how Hibberd works with both ancient and modern materials to create artworks that are both captivating and mesmerizing.