Galerie de Roussan – art exhibition by Claire Trotignon


The Galerie de Roussan, one of the most famed Parisian art galleries, is currently spotlighting a stunning collection of art from local artist Claire Trotignon. The exhibition, aptly titled “Claire Trotignon: A Collection of Art”, is a vivid exploration of the concept that we are all connected.

Trotignon studied fine art in her hometown of Dijon before she began her career as a professional artist. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across Europe and Australia – and now, it is officially taking over the Galerie de Roussan.

The collection consists of modern paintings, drawings and sculptures that are inspired by both nature and the human form. There are poignant pieces showcasing the harmony between man-made and organic elements, as well as vibrant portraits that capture the multi-faceted beauty of human existence. In this series, Trotignon masterfully demonstrates her ability to create a visual story through her art that speaks to us all.

Her pieces explore the idea that connection can be found in infinite forms: between different people, cultures and geographical areas. With a colorful blend of abstract shapes, organic lines and thoughtful brushstrokes, Trotignon has created something truly special that needs to be experienced first-hand to be truly appreciated.

This exhibit will be available for viewing until October 31st at the Galerie de Roussan, so don’t hesitate to make your way down there soon! It is quite simply an incredible opportunity not to be missed.

Discover a captivating art exhibition, “Galerie de Roussan” at La Galerie Jones in Paris featuring the incredible works of Claire Trotignon!

Claire Trotignon is a contemporary French artist whose work evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity. This unique exhibition showcases her abstract creations, blending nature and urban elements in oil paintings with a dreamlike quality. By playing with light, texture, color and geometry, each work of art brings its own element of surprise.

The highlight of the exhibition is Trotignon’s monumental painting installation entitled “Les oiseaux” (“The Birds”). This awe-inspiring piece literally spans two storeys of the gallery, depicting a flock of birds in flight amidst an hints of eastern music unfolding. The colours and shapes mix together to evoke the poetic atmosphere of a far away land.

“Galerie de Roussan” also features sculptures from iron, porcelain and jesmonite as well as tactile canvases brimming with vibrant colours that interact playfully with one another. Visitors will also notice touches of gold pressed into the paintings for an extra special effect.

Every painting at this show has its own distinct character that reveals something unique about Trotignon’s artistic process and personal quirks. Whether it’s the subtle detail in the faces or the interplay between colours and body language, this exhibition captures both a beauty and a sense of power.

This extraordinary collection is a powerful statement about life: playful, captivating and always full of possibility. Pay a visit to La Galerie Jones in Paris to experience Claire Trotignon’s gorgeous works for yourself!