Galerie de Roussan – art exhibition by Claire Trotignon


The Galerie de Roussan is an art exhibition created by Claire Trotignon, a French artist and photographer. It was held at the Villa Médicis, France in 2018. The exhibition showcases 200 of Trotignon’s personal photographs that explore the French countryside and its people.

Claire Trotignon, who considers herself as a documentarist and photojournalist, captured portraits of people from different backgrounds such as Romany Gypsies, migrants in Calais camp or farmers working on their land. The french countryside is often associated with melancholic tales of love and loss but Trotignon looks for hope through her work by finding people who have been forgotten about or who have chosen to resist their destiny.

The Galerie de Roussan has been showcasing local and modern-day artists for over two decades now. They invite various artists from around the world to showcase their work in a temporary exhibition space located in downtown Montreal.

The gallery organizes a different exhibition each year and highlights the most recent works in the Galerie’s collection. The exhibitions are open to the public and offers a diverse range of artworks from different periods of time, as well as from different contexts.

Galerie de Roussan includes an installation by artist Claire Trotignon who creates and displays mixed media works. The exhibition titled, “Croissant d’Or” is on display now until October 27th, 2017 in Paris, France.

The exhibition will showcase the artist’s work for her first solo European show in Paris. Some of her pieces are still-life scenes inspired by the idea of kitchen tools serving as ornaments such as a sieve or a wooden spoon.

The name of the show is taken from a French phrase which literally translates to “Gold Croissant”. Trotignon uses gold foil to create these croissants that have been sliced open and covered with resin and hung on metal stands.

Claire Trotignon’s exhibition of her work in the Galerie de Roussan, Paris and Versailles was created with the help of artificial intelligence.

The exhibition, called “La Vie Moderne,” features a sculpture made out of wood and a digital reconstruction or “digital twin” of her work. These pieces were made by using AI algorithms to learn what makes art interesting and to replicate it on a 3-D printer.

Galerie de Roussan is an art exhibition taking place at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The exhibitions showcases the works of Claire Trotignon and will present up to 7 new artworks per day during its month-long run.

The exhibition by Claire Trotignon explores her interest in iconic and surreal moments in history and how they brand their society’s narrative.

Galerie de Roussan is an exhibition of photography by Claire Trotignon that takes the form of a shadow play. It is a portrait of one woman’s transience, memories and thoughts, captured here in photographs.

Claire Trotignon’s work as a photographer is about capturing fleeting moments that seem to be just happening. The momentary images can be beautifully composed but at the same time remain ethereal and ephemeral. Her work creates a sense of mystery through its use of light, fog and ephemeral imagery to present stories about the interconnectedness between life and death.